About Me
Name:Helge Mahrt
Nickname:tZee (If you wonder what's the meaning of my nickname: When i was playing WarCraft 3 and joined my first clan, i had to choose a fantasy nickname. I decided for the name 'Tzeentch' which i took from the Warhammer Fantasy chaos god. Because most people couldn't write the name or were to lazy to do so i've been called tZee and finally assumed that nick. ;)
Date of Birth:04.04. ( \o/ i love this date!)
Occupation:I'm currently studying 'Applied Computer Science' at the 'Berufs-Akademie' in Stuttgart, Germany. It's a split education: i'm studying at the academy half of the time and working for a big international company for the rest of the time. (*ego-mode off* :D)
Hobbies:I love reading (mainly fantasy novels), drawing, writing (poems and stories), programming and sports. (Well, i've been neglecting the last point lately due to my studies. ^^; )
This section should give you little information about me. Who i am, what i do etc. :D
Might not be too interesting. ;p