Written Art
buried emotions [04/2006]Nothing much to say about this one. :P
von Hoffnung und Liebe [06/2005]I wrote this poem after meeting a girl that had enchanted me. We came together afterwards but i never showed her this poem.
Anakin [05/2005]Well.. i love the character of Anakin Skywalker and after watching 'Star Wars Episode III' i felt like writing this, but never really finished it. :D
Fluestern [04/2005]n/t
longing for love [02/2005]Ha! My first english poem.
Herbst [01/1996]When i was in 6th grade in school we had to write a poem about autumn. So this is what i wrote. Pretty dark, eh?! :D
Here you can find my written art. Most of my written stuff is in german since it's my native language but i've tried to write some things in english and i'm quite sure that those will not be my last attempts! :)
Sadly i cannot present you any stories at this time. I've started writing a lot of stories but i haven't finished a single one yet. I always let myself be carried away while i was writing which resulted in the stories developing in directions i did not want them to. This made me realise that i had to proper plan my plots before writing them. And there i am now: planning my story.